Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturers (CM) and Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers are in a very competitive industry where they need to find ways to differentiate themselves. CM / EMS companies want to deliver only good, defect-free, products to their customers, and they need to maintain short test times and good yields to maximize throughput and minimize cost per unit delivered.

These requirements coupled with today's ever increasing densities and package types like BGAs that do not allow test access by conventional ICT or flying probe test systems, and time consuming operations such as in-system programming of Flash, create test challenges that can only be effectively addressed by the most leading edge technologies and approaches. Additionally, for boards that do fail any of the manufacturing test steps, faults need to be diagnosed and located quickly, which requires the right test and inspection tools. Combining conventional test approaches with JTAG/boundary scan, embedded system access (ESA) and automated optical (AOI) or X-Ray (3D AXI) inspection can make a dramatic difference in meeting these test challenges.


  • Quick and easy test program development and debug and enhanced fault coverage.
  • Test access for high density assemblies and challenging component types.
  • Reduce ICT fixture complexity and costs and speed up flying probe testing.
  • Accelerate test tasks such as in-system programming.
  • AOI and 3D 3D 3D AXI can locate faults that are not electrically detectable.
  • Provide a competitive advantage.

GOEPEL Solutions for Contract Manufacturing

Play IconErnst Neppel, Zollner Elektronik AG:  
"We have been successfully applying GOEPEL electronics’ Boundary Scan test systems in our production since September 2003. The performance of the systems and the support by GOEPEL electronic have impressed us." Read more testimonials...

Doc IconDownload a white paper to learn about embedded system access (ESA) technologies and how they can support production test applications.

G IconGOEPEL offers a variety of automated inspection equipment for the manufacturing environment, including solder paste inspection (SPI) systems, in-line and off-line automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, and high-speed in-line 3-D X-Ray inspection systems. Visit our product pages for details.

G IconIn addition to test and inspection equipment, GOEPEL offers design for test (DFT) analysis, consulting, and test program development services. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and to explore ways for us to help you tackle your test and inspection problems.