Defense and Aerospace

Defense and Aerospace agencies rely every day on the quality and reliability of the electronic systems they utilize to protect our country and our interests worldwide. Lives often depend on the reliability and serviceability of these systems.  Military and aerospace engineers need to be able to count on test and inspection systems and methodologies that can detect and locate challenging and elusive manufacturing defects that can compromise these critical systems and document fault coverage levels as part of the process.


JTAG/boundary scan and Optical/X-Ray inspection techniques can detect faults associated with difficult to access test points in board designs that are too dense to be probed and under components such as BGAs where probes cannot reach. AOI and AXI inspection can detect faults that are not electrically detectable including cracks or voids in solder joints that may function at the time of test but fail later in the field as well as misplaced, missing or incorrectly oriented components. Detection of these types of faults is beyond the capability of traditional bed-of-nails or flying probe based in-circuit test, yet often critical for maximizing fault coverage. Utilizing JTAG/boundary scan based test tools and methodologies can greatly enhance fault coverage and automated optical (AOI) or 3D X-Ray (AXI) inspection represents the ultimate in detection for elusive faults that cannot be detected electrically.



Key benefits we can offer:


  • Enhanced fault coverage for high density assemblies and challenging component types.
  • Fault coverage analysis with detailed documentation.
  • Embedded solutions for test applications such as high speed interfaces and in-system programming.
  • AOI and 3D AXI can locate faults that are not electrically detectable.                           

GOEPEL Solutions for Defense and Aerospace

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 a white paper to learn about embedded system access (ESA) technologies and how they can support production test applications.
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Visit our product pages for automated inspection equipment such as solder paste inspection (SPI) systems, in-line and off-line automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, and high-speed in-line 3-D X-Ray inspection systems