Industrial Controls, Green Energy & Power electronics

Electronics in industrial controls and especially in energy distribution systems are required to be very reliable while often operating in very harsh conditions. Such printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) may be densely packed, with little room for test access points, representing a major challenge for test engineers who need to ensure quality and reliability requirements are met and maintained.


Green Energy and power electronicsJTAG/boundary scan and Optical/X-Ray inspection techniques can detect faults associated with difficult to access test points in board designs that are too dense to be probed and under components such as BGAs where probes cannot reach. AOI and AXI inspection can detect faults that are not electrically detectable including cracks or voids in solder joints that may function at the time of test but fail later in the field. Of particular interest for this industry is 3D X-Ray's ability to detect voiding in critical solder layers connecting heat syncs.


  • GOEPEL products and services offer comprehensive solutions to a wide variety of test and inspection challenges.
  • 3D X-Ray testing provides detailed fault detection for voiding in critical solder layers connecting heat syncs.
  • AOI and 3D AXI can locate faults that are not electrically detectable. 
  • JTAG-boundary scan can provide test access for high density assemblies and challenging component types like BGAs.