Vehicle Electronics

Very high product quality and reliability at low cost are key requirements for the automotive industry. Electronics are subjected to high stress thermal and vibration environments day after day and must continue performing reliably even when operating in very harsh conditions. The result is a requirement for electronics assemblies to be thoroughly tested, but using tools and methodologies that are fast and cost effective.


The ever increasing densities and package types like BGAs that do not allow test access by conventional ICT or flying probe test systems, time consuming operations such as in-system programming of Flash and the need to optimize test of high performance features such as high speed interfaces create test challenges that can only be effectively addressed by the most leading edge technologies and approaches. Additionally, for boards that do fail any of the manufacturing test steps, faults need to be diagnosed and located quickly, which requires the right test and inspection tools. Combining conventional test approaches with JTAG/boundary scan, embedded system access (ESA) and automated optical (AOI) or 3D X-Ray (AXI) inspection can make a dramatic difference in meeting these test challenges.


  • Quick and easy test program development and debug.
  • Enhanced fault coverage for high density assemblies and challenging component types.
  • Reduce ICT fixture complexity and costs and speed up flying probe testing.
  • Accelerate test tasks such as in-system programming.
  • 3D X-Ray testing provides detailed fault detection for voiding in critical solder layers connecting heat syncs. 
  • AOI and 3D AXI can locate faults that are not electrically detectable.