BSDL Verification

IEEE Std 1149.1 requires that vendors of JTAG / boundary-scan compliant devices provide so called BSDL files. BSDL (Boundary Scan Description Language) files yield details about the test resources implemented in such a device and are used by practically all boundary-scan tools.


Even though most BSDL files are correct these days, there is always a chance for a syntax error or, worse, a description error (for example a specification of fewer boundary-scan cells than physically implemented in the chip, wrong instruction op-codes, or a wrong order of boundary-scan cells). The execution of boundary-scan tests that have been generated based on incorrect BSDL files will result in false diagnostics and, in the worst case, has potential to cause damage on the Unit Under Test.


GOEPEL offers BSDL verification tools (TAP Checker and BSDL Syntax Checker) as well as BSDL verification services.

GOEPEL Solutions for BSDL Verification

Technical Paper: A low cost methode for BSDL Verification
Download this technical paper titled A low cost methode for BSDL Verification to learn about methodologies that allow assessing the accuracy of BSDL files.

Application Note: BSDL Syntax Checker
Download this Application Note to get an overview of the BSDL Syntax Checker tool, including screenshots and hints for using the tool..

Free tool: BSDL Syntax Checker BSDL Syntax Checker is a stand-alone tool that can be used to verify the syntax and semantics of BSDL files.
Download now - free of charge !
(For Microsoft Windows operating systems)

GOEPEL offers BSDL verification services
GOEPEL offers BSDL verifiation services. Download this datasheet to learn more about this service and contact us for details or to request a quote.